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AWSA/WSCC CH UKC GR CH Royal Adonis, JHD, TT, CGC, OFA, PennHIP, MDR1 clear

Male, DOB: July 12, 2005
Breeder: Jean Reeves
Owner: Miranda Reeves

American White Shepherd Association - Champion in conformation
White Shepherd Club of Canada - Champion in conformation United Kennel Club - Grand Champion in conformation

Ranked 8th - 2007 UKC conformation

Junior Herding Dog - herding title from the American Herding Breeds Association

Temperament Tested with the American Temperament Test Assoc.

Canine Good Citizen - American Kennel Club

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
Hips - Good - GS

PennHIP - left .36 right .36 80th percentile

MDR1 - clear from carrying the gene for drug sensitivity

Adonis is the essence of masculinity - bold, strong, driven, determined and in charge of his surroundings. Yet he has a humorous side that makes people laugh as he acts like a total goofball. Adonis is owned by and lives with Miranda at school the majority of the time, but is home frequently for time with the family.

Donnie is currently ranked #2 in UKC for conformation in 2008 and has taken a Best in Show above all other breeds. He is a strong working dog in the herding ring. Herding is a sport that he absolutely loves. Donnie also passed the Temperament Test with the American Temperament Test Association with flying colors.

Adonis is 27 inches tall, 95 pounds, very white with good pigmentation. At this time, he has not yet been bred.


Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents
AWSA/WSCC/WGS/UKC Ch., U-CD, Reeves Royal Angus Von Tasz, CDX, TT, HC, CGC, OFA H&E
WGS Ch. Moses Lacsar Von Tasz, CDX, Can CD, TD, TT, CGC, OFA H&E
Sherman's Weiss Schnee Bar, OFA
Pipoly's Little White Tasz, CD, OFA
WGS Ch. Hoofprint Be A Spasz Von Tasz, HC, CD, TD, TT, CGC, OFA H&E
Hoof Print Pancho, RXO, OP, OVC
Hoof Print Lanna, RX, vWF 83%, OVC
UKC Ch. Royals Here We Go Again, HIC, OFA
BIMBS AWSA/WSCC Ch., UKC GrCh., U-CD, U-AG1, Royal Sir Isaac's IQ, CD, CGC, HCT, OFA
AWSA/WSCC Ch. Day's IQ, Am/Can CD, ASCA CD, TT, HC, FMX, TDI, OVC, vWF 132%
AWSA/WSCC/UKC Ch., U-CD Royal Kountry Magnolia, CGC, OFA
UKC Ch. Vantasia's Xtreme Xpectation, OFA H&E
Frosty's Sampson, OFA H&E
WGS Ch. Xpect The Best Uv Vantasia, HIC, RX, HOF, ROM, OFA H&E

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