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My name is Jean Reeves. Welcome to Reeves Royal Acres!

Our kennel facilities for our White Shepherds as well as our Pet Camp are located on our home farm in Northwest Indiana. Our kennels feature many amenities that are found in human homes, including heat, air conditioning, kitchen and laundry facilities and a grooming area. I am home full time with the dogs, so we spend a great deal of time exercising, training, cleaning and taking care of their daily needs.

Our farm consists of 60 acres, 40 of which are wooded and make an excellent area to run the dogs. We also have 4 horses, 50 cows, 6 sheep and 9 cats.


Our Farm in Northwest Indiana


Our indoor and outdoor runs
Our grooming and kitchen areas


Keeping everything under control ...


The Reeves Family

(top, left to right) Jean, Doug, Alan
(bottom, left to right) Greg, Miranda, Bri

Please visit our White Shepherd or Pet Camp pages to learn more!


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